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Gain Control of all your Sales and Cost of Goods

Complete POS Activity

Our Systems stands apart by offering two distinct POS screen options: a fully customizable touchscreen POS and a classic POS that uses the keyboard and mouse.

Inventory Management

Contains powerful automated inventory optimization features designed to help reduce inventory cost and increase cash flow and inventory turns.

Barcode Labeling

Print customized barcode labels and inventory hang tags for easy accessibility when updating inventory, viewing inventory and at point of sale.

Customer Management

Maintains a complete history of customers and allows for customized marketing, customer loyalty programs, accounts receivable tracking and more.

Report Catalog

The report catalog offers a wealth of reports that can be generated quickly and easily, with a variety of filters and format types for output.


Manage scheduled reservations, event bookings, activities and resources (courses, stations, etc.) with the touch of a screen.

Employee Management

Record hours worked by employees and track vacations, sick days and personal leaves of absence. Establish employee user groups and set security permissions accordingly.

Gift Cards

Offers secured tracking of electronic gift cards and renewal money cards. Merchandise return credit and other store credits can be tracked on the cards.

Software Licensing

Systems include licensing for one workstation and one store location; however, an unlimited number may be purchased and added on as needed.

View Pages On Your Favorite Device

Most of our Systems are Designed and Works Exclusively on P.C.'s and Windows Tablets. More traditional checkout terminals are also supported with many of our solutions offered in today's marketplace.


Many of our systems offer a completely integrated and robust point of sale and retail management solution that offers inventory control, automated purchasing, customer management and loyalty programs, sales reporting, employee security and more. Whether we are utilizing a Full Terminal Screen, or Windows Tablets , the information needed by Employees and Management can be always at your finger tips.

Automation benefits to Retail Business owners

  • Complete Accounting package
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Membership and loyalty accounts
  • Time Clock
  • Inventory Management in real time
  • Retail POS activity auto updates
  • Robust Customer Management
  • Gift Card tracking
  • Complete Cost Controls
  • Barcode Labeling

Our Support Team is More Than Just Awesome

Being a locally owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on being hands on with every customer, either new or older. Our staff will answer your call and help solve any issues you might be having right away.

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